Importance of Conversion Tracking for you and your business?

Conversion tracking is the measurement of media performance and it’s essential for every type of website, from e-commerce sites to even affiliate marketing blogs.

Without conversion tracking there is no way to make data-driven decisions.

When you use conversion tracking you can instantly know what is working and what isn’t.

Whether it is a page or an ad on Facebook, by tracking conversion you can see what is converting or what isn’t and make changes about what to do.

You can also improve “ROI”. Maybe an ad has a super high conversion tracking, but is not producing any real conversions and that is bad for you. By optimizing or pausing ads based on conversion data that you get you can drive costs down while improving your “ROI”. Conversion tracking allows you to set up experiments and try different types of ad campaigns for your business. Testing even the smallest things on pages and your website, such as a red button vs a blue button, can affect your conversion rates almost instantly. When you’re not tracking conversions it’s like you’re driving a car without knowing your destination. That can cost you a lot of money and leads nowhere in the end. If you want your investments to count, tracking should be part of your strategy.

“Only when we know what works with our customers will we know how to reach out to their more meaningfully.” — Divine Rizardo

Conversion TrackingYou will want to use Google Analytics goals on your site. First, you need to make sure that you have both Google Analytics and Google AdWords linked up and ready to go.

Make sure you have setup a goal first in google analytics before you proceed to anything else.

After that go to your Google Analytics profile, click into “Admin > AdWords Linking”. Select your AdWords account and “turn on” the link for the default view of your WordPress site and click “Save”.

In Google AdWords go to “Tools” and click “Google Analytics”. There you should see a list of goals to import. Select your goal or make a new one and select that one. After that, click on “Import”.

You can even assign a monetary value if you need it, it all depends on your goal.

There you go, it’s done. Now you know how to use this valuable feature.