SEO and a good web structure

Chances for achieving better and higher rankings including quality indexing get significantly higher when the structure of your future website is properly defined. Actually, importance of this has never been bigger than today and it is constantly growing. Proper grouping into categories instead of thrown pages over your website make search engines work and understand much easier all your topics while ranking them. Good web structure must be user friendly, fast and serve the purpose, make most of the sales and attract the widest audience while being easy to navigate.

Assistant No.1 for search engines

Reading, indexing and understanding of your website by search engines will be much more efficient if it has a good structure. A properly optimized structure makes the work much easier for these engines which will give you in return quality ranking.

More interaction with the audience

Not having a good website structure usually leads to higher bouncing rate. People just land on your website and leave without interaction which is very bad for SEO because this presents a signal that customers are not satisfied and leads your website to lower ranking. So make a good and solid structure of your website that will keep your future customers interacting because of easy navigating and finding what they need.

Mobile friendly structure

Mobile friendly structureFor sure we live in a mobile-first age where site optimized for SEO should equally be optimized for the mobile navigation and layouts. It is important to remember that phone users do significantly different things on their phones comparing to their computers. Mobile version of your site will not only be used by the search engine to rank your site but it is a most efficient way keeping your potential clients browsing your site.

Quality Sitelinks search

These are the links presenting main points to other pages on your website and are positioned below the description of your fragment in Google Search Results. They really increase the click-through rates so with a good structure of your website they have more chances to appear with your listing in automatic selection by the Google algorithms.