Best ways to get retweeted

There are outnumbering pretty good ideas and practices to achieve most efficient Twitter profile. But there are also outnumbering ways you can get yourself easily lost in this crowded social media network. It really requires effort and time to make an impact. Elements like outstanding content and be unique are one of the first that will get you on the right track. Here are some basic ones that will help anybody tweeting on higher levels.

Right audience

As for any popular brand it is also important for a future popular tweet to reach proper audience. Social listening makes your tweets much effective because you become aware of what your audience really likes or doesn’t like, their opinions about you and your competitors, about your profile weaknesses or strengths and it gets you right directions for creating a just right tweet. Just speak their language.

Retweeting others

It is just in human nature that when somebody does something nice to you, you want to reciprocate somehow. This also works for the tweet actions. More retweeting of others to make some point will get you more retweets in return. Also paying attention to an audience of people you will retweet will help a lot. Aiming for other people’s audience that will find your content interesting and follow you will automatically bring more retweets.

Best time to tweet

Statistically, there is a proven fact that tweets have a higher interaction between 8am and 7pm. But also there are exceptions with some profiles so you always have an option to use the free tool from Tweriod and find out exactly when your audience is most active. Be aware this also is connected to each country schedule depending of usual working times, school schedules and other.

Images bring more attention

RetweetThe visual effect was always strong among humanity. This is also confirmed in Twitter world. Studies found that pictures bring the double rate of the likes and triple rate of the retweets. And this is not all, there is even an option where you can use a combination of image and quality quote which will bring even more impact.

Personal touch

Empathy was always a key factor among people. It is a foundation of emotional, authenticity and reassurance bonding. Of course this for sure means there is no need for pathetic or some constant overwhelming about something but showing your human side really makes an effective Tweet people find worthy retweeting. You are not a robot after all.

Right hashtags

Keywords are the basics of the digital world and proper hashtags are good directions for quality content which make people interested. There is no need to use more than three hashtags per post and more precise they are better reaching of the right audience will be. Be clear, make them easy to remember and spell so your followers retweet as easy as possible. Some originality is not bad if you are creating a hashtag for the campaign but remember don’t use irrelevant hashtags, they will only make you foolish.